Really it’s not about me.  Its about you.  Your dreams, Your goals, Your Future. 

That said, I will work with you to find your home, or your buyer – not my sale.

I don’t feel at home in the world of internet marketing that most real estate agents do.  Too commercial, fake, and too slick. I can’t do that stuff. It’s exhausting and definitely soul destroying.

Slowly and quietly, and almost by accident, I’ve been building my own tribe. With the people I work beside. With you. With people who care. With people who feel helping one client is more important than a handful of likes or an extra sale on the board outside.  I don’t have a sales board outside but some offices do!

No corporate gobbledy gook here. I’m a what you see is what you get kind of guy.  I say “No” to ugly neckties and perfectly pressed slacks. I’m a jeans kind of guy, unless my wife tells me different. I don’t smile as much as I should and my desk is a hot mess. I love that we do pot-luck lunches and celebrate our Team members.  More often than not, I push when it says pull.  I am a proud grandfather and spoiled dog owner.

What’s all this mean to you?

It means that I am human and I care more about making it right for you and your situation than closing another sale. It means I will do what it takes to get you through this. It means I’m willing to look outside the box to solve problems. It means I will demand this quality from everyone that is involved in your transaction. It means I am here for you.

Buying Selling and Investing –  A New Way to do Mohave County Real Estate

Gary Lott and Pattersons Executive Team will provide you with a new, better, no nonsense way to do Mohave County Real Estate. Tell us what you need and we’ll get it done – this is what we do! With a proven track record of professionalism and customer focus, we understand the long- term value of every transaction, large or small. Work with us once and you’ll realize the competitive advantages we bring to the table.

We are here to provide you with the tools you need to make an informed decision on your Mohave County Real Estate purchase. Once you’ve armed yourself with a little bit of knowledge and are ready to act, we will be there on your side for a smoother, faster, less stressful transaction.

That’s what we’re about.  Please,  join us!